Filmantropo/Bumpy Road Films

Directed by: Aymée Cruzalegui

Written by: Aymée Cruzalegui

Produced by: Ana Moreno & Aymée Cruzalegui


The fishermen of Huanchaco, a small fishing town in Northern Peru, inherited the Caballito de Totora; a fishing vessel from the Pre-Inca Mochica-Chimu Culture, which is used to sustain their local economy. The fishermen handcraft the Caballitos using reeds of “totora”, a plant they cultivate in the area. This watercraft constitutes their main fishing tool which they use to take from the sea only what they need to feed their families and to sell locally.

The community has one big enemy: climate change. The rising sea levels are eroding the land where they grow the totora reed, and are putting the village at risk of being underwater in the future. Furthermore, the warming waters are killing cold-water species directing impacting their economy.

By immersing into the fishermen’s daily routines and their lives within the community, the imminent threats will surface as they look for ways to maintain their heritage and livelihoods afloat.