Short Film | 2013


TAG Films/Bumpy Road Films

Directed by: Alexander Thomas

Written by: Jez Scharf

Producers: Ana Moreno & Nora Alsharif

Staring: Bafta Winner Jonny Owen & Rebecca Keatly

Cinematography: Sara Deane

Production Design: Niina Topp & Chloe Thompson

Costume Design: Jessica Snyder

Tom hasn’t slept for a very long time. Whilst normally shy, his insomnia has led him to totally withdraw within himself and cut himself off from other people. Tom exists in two worlds. In the waking world he is the quiet, socially awkward office worker, bullied by his boss Greg, and secretly longing after Poppy, the girl of his (nonexistent)dreams.

By night, whilst everyone else sleeps, Tom walks aimlessly around the deserted town. Alone he’s most comfortable; the quiet helps him think. Although recently Tom can’t hep but feel there’s someone else out there...

But things are beginning to crumble in Tom’s world. Poppy has announced that she is leaving, and worse for Tom and his OCD mania, his precious red cup has gone missing. Tom’s life is unravelling, his daytime and nighttime worlds are beginning to blur. Tom is losing his grip on reality and someone or something is messing with his head.

The UnDream is the dark, quiet story of a man fighting with his UnDreams...


Audience Award | East End Film Festival 2013 | London, England

Golden Trellick | Portobello Film Festival 2013 | London, England

Best UK Short Film | Stoke your Fires Film Festival 2014 | Stoke-On-Trent, England



London Short Film Festival | London, England

Stoke your Fires Film Festival | Stoke-On-Trent, England

Norwich Film Festival | Norwich, England

Tacoma Film Festival | Tacoma, WA USA

MInd Rgiths Film Festival | Lisbon, Portugal


East End Film Festival | London, England

International Digital Film Festival | New Delhi, India

Portobello Film Festival | London, England

Newport Film Festival | Newport, Wales

Crystal Palace Film Festival | London, England

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