Short Film



"Andante" (Wanderer)


Bumpy Road Films | Julia Tuttle | Right Cut Media | Histeria Music

Staring: Guido Massri, Catalina Valencia & Sabrina Olmedo

Original Story: Julio Cortazar

Screenplay Adaptation and Direction: Ana Moreno

Produced by: Ana Moreno

Co-Producers: Andres Garzas & Pipo Bonamino

Associate Producer: Mery Leon

Cinematography by: Andres Garzas

Art Direction: Isabela Isern

Costume Design: Maria Cifuentes

Make-up: Renata Doddy

Music by: Luis Miguel Emmanuelli

Editing by: Mario G. Deco

Post-Production: Right Cut Media

Sound Design: Alvaro Rodriguez @ Histeria Music

The year 1974. Marcos, a door to door salesman is traveling from one town to another. Late in the night, he picks up a hitchhiker on the road, a young woman named Maria.

Two opposites meet on a road, getting a taste of a life once left behind.

2018 Sundance Post-Production Workshop

2018 Sundance Post-Production Workshop


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